Tall Oaks kitchen renovation (db)

We have been selected to design and update the kitchen/laundry/breakfast area in a historic home that many consider a landmark, near Hot Springs, VA. We will completely remove the existing kitchen, walls, laundry, and finishes to reveal a clean slate with which Andrew can expose a new vision for these much-adored spaces.

before and framing

Once the old kitchen was packed up, Jeremy and Doug made quick work of removing any sign it ever existed. Temporary walls were then constructed to support the 2nd floor while we removed the only bearing wall and replaced it with a laminated beam. This was necessary to open up the floor plan and make for a much better flow through the new spaces.


walls and floor

Jeremy, Doug, and Andrew were on hand to hang the sheetrock with Andrew opting to handle the taping and finishing himself. Brinkley’s painting followed close behind to spray a primer coat on everything and a finish coat on the ceiling. Don Thomas, of Thomas Installations, was then selected to install the Schluter Ditra-heat tile underlayment and heating system. Once the heating cable was in place and tested, Don then began setting the tile in a modified pinwheel pattern. Everyone loves the results.


cabinetry, countertops, and trim

Once again we are happy to showcase the work of Donny Campbell, who, with his father and sons, run the family business of Walker’s Creek Cabinet Works. They do a tremendous job of delivering and installing an impeccable custom cabinet. Capitol Granite¬†followed closely behind to template, fabricate, and install the owner’s hand-picked soapstone counters. Andrew and Jeremy worked alongside these crews, steadily completing the detailed trim work.


finishing touches

We are pleased to wrap another design-build project and our clients couldn’t be happier with the results. Below are several photos from our final days at Tall Oaks.