Washburn retreat

Demolition of an old cabin structure and additions in a state of disrepair and beyond candidacy for renovation. The Washburn family is now preserving this family retreat on the Cowpasture river by having us oversee the placement of a Blue Ridge Log Cabin. We will also assist in constructing porches and the installation of a wood-burning fireplace.


On a crisp fall morning, the demolition begins. David, Josh, and John Lane took advantage of the cool temperatures and set out to remove all of the recyclable metal from the building before tearing it down.


demolition and foundation preparation

We have now taken a few more giant steps towards preparing the site for the arrival of the Superior Walls foundation and the Blue Ridge Log Cabin. Tyler and Cleveland McCune, of McCune Brothers Excavating, made good time in the great weather demolishing the existing structure and completing the excavation and installation of the drain pipe and gravel footing. Now that the corner pins have been set, all we have to do is wait for the foundation walls to make their way through production and be delivered from across the state in Amelia, VA.


foundation wall set

At a week ahead of schedule, the Superior Walls set crew showed up to begin their prep work at around 9:00 A.M. After compacting and leveling the gravel footing, Kevin and his men opened up their tape measures to verify the placement of the rods marking the corners of the foundation walls and after only a few minor adjustments, the crane operator began lowering the wall sections into place. The entire set, including clean up, took just over 6 hours–not bad for an entire house foundation!


cabin set / porch construction

The day of the cabin set came on schedule, and even though the forecast called for rain the set crew moved forward without pause. The crane set up in position to lift each of the 4 main modules into place. Once the sealant strip was placed on the foundation and the protective cover was removed from the cabin sections, the assembly began. By the end of the first day, the entire cabin was under cover and protected from the elements.

After only a few subsequent days, the trim crew was able to finish the 2nd floor bathroom and install the interior and exterior trim that made the module seams disappear. Another crew is currently on site to add 2 covered porches–a custom feature which would have been impossible to construct ahead of time.


interior finish / exterior improvements

Our responsibility of making all the electrical and plumbing connections have been met and our local HVAC contractor, Allegheny Highlands Mechanical, have installed the heating and cooling system; Robinson’s Floor Finishing has buffed and coated the floors; Julian Brinkley has applied polyurethane to the interior trim and is currently on site coating the exterior logs and trim with a penetrating Sequoia stain.

Work continues on the exterior improvements of the fireplace addition and entry porch construction…


finishing up

Our work here is done. The grass is growing, the furniture is in, and the Washburns are now scheduling to spend as much time as possible at their new log cabin in the country.