Richardson renovation

A major improvement to the Richardson family farm on the Jackson river in Highland County, Virginia. We will be replacing the existing metal frame, single-pane glass units with new Andersen windows and sliding glass doors.

getting started

We received the delivery of the Andersen package on Monday morning and immediately got to work on the removal of the existing units. The old metal frame units were originally installed such that the steel pieces holding them in were far behind the brick work. After establishing our process for cutting these retaining clips without damage to the surrounding masonry, each units removal progressed more efficiently than the last.


moving right along

The weather has been absolutely perfect for this work and we all continue to enjoy the riverside setting. As far as the windows and doors go, we haven’t reached the bottom of the stack yet, but the end is closer than the beginning. Jeremy and Chantry continue out with the old and in with the new while Andrew keeps pace with the interior trim and casing. John Lane, with Brinkley Painting, is also following along doing the skillful work of sealing the exterior of the units to the surrounding brick, wood, and steel.


finishing up

Now that the process of removal and installation is complete, the sealing and interior trim work is helped by a few more hands. Andrew is now joined by Chantry and Jeremy in foam sealing the sides and tops of the units and fabricating extension jambs. Julian Brinkley and his crew are staying right on our heels ensuring a flawless finish.