The Nature Conservancy / Flag Rock pavilion

A new viewing pavilion being constructed to replace the existing, dilapidated structure near Flag Rock atop Warm Springs mountain in Bath County. This ambitious project has been designed by Andrew Watkins and Melissa Morrison, and funded by a grant from Senator Mark Warner and his wife, Lisa Collis. This timber frame project is located on one of the most challenging building sites we have ever populated and will be constructed entirely of site harvested stone and locally harvested and milled locust timber.

top of the world

Welcome to one of the most beautiful and challenging building sites in all of Bath County. The Nature Conservancy had many volunteers to help disassemble the existing dilapidated pavilion and now we have constructed an overhead cable system to trolley our building materials to the new pavilion location. With a winch and generator at the top and some steel cable anchored between trees above and below, we now have a system that makes a seemingly impossible task all too easy.

We now have the concrete foundation piers in place and will await warmer weather to install the stone veneer and begin erection of the timber frame.


timber frame

Jeff Lowry and his crew completed the selection and installation of the stone veneer on the concrete piers just in time for Bob Smith, of Bear Dance Joinery, to arrive and begin fabrication and construction of the timber frame structure. Bob has traveled all over the east coast and beyond as a highly sought-after timber framer and we are happy to have secured a spot on his schedule for this unique project.


finishing touches

Once the main timber frame was complete, Andrew and his helper got on the roof to install the copper drip edge, ice & water shield, and the cedar shake roofing. While the roofing was going on, Bob and his helpers installed the walls and bench seating.

In preparation for the ribbon cutting ceremony, the original signage was put back in place and a custom fabricated compass rose, provided by The Nature Conservancy, was inlayed on the floor. Everyone present, including Senator Mark Warner and his wife Lisa Collis, were in awe of the completed structure and astounding view.

As an aside, Andrew Watkins would like to thank and extend his gratitude to The Nature Conservancy for granting the opportunity to oversee and contribute to the construction of this pavilion. It was here that Andrew fell in love with Bath County over 20 years ago.